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Aquasani is an authorized dealer of RainSoft Water Treatment. The owners, Chris and Carol Coiner decided that they wanted to be the RainSoft dealers responsible for helping people in the Ozarks have the best water possible.

For great-tasting drinking water, the luxurious feeling of soft water, and the many benefits associated with cleaner indoor air, there is one company that families across North America trust – RainSoft. Since 1953, it has been RainSoft’s mission to take the worry out of water and to help our customers rid their homes of airborne contaminants. We offer home water softener systems, drinking water filtration systems, whole house air cleaner systems, problem-solving water filtration systems and many other premium products. 

Aquasani can install a water conditioner system with a capacity that is approprite for your family size, home size, and local water quality, as well as a problem-solving filter to remove contaminants that may be present in your specific water supply.


For immediate service, call 417-300-3696.


Why we’re better.

We offer Lifetime Warranty

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Complete water solutions

We have the complete solution for any and all the water problems going on nowadays. If you’re having problems with iron, sulfur, or just very hard water we can help.

You’ll love our premium coffee.

coffee-beans-pictureWe have a coffee solution for every office. We have single cup coffee brewers (flavia and Keurig) or for larger offices we have coffee brewers that make 2.5 liters of coffee. We sell everything from Folgers to Starbucks.


CoolerSmart Infiniti Information

With it’s modern features and innovative features the infiniti class cooler has established a new standard for today’s office environment.

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Bottled Water Vs. Water Coolers

Drinking bottled water is a part of everyday life.  It can be wasteful, though, and the controversy over whether it is safe to drink from plastic has not been solved. A safer and less wasteful solution is to use water coolers instead. We’re not talking about the iconic office water cooler with the big plastic bottle on top. We are a certified dealer for CoolerSmart (or Waterlogic). CoolerSmart uses countertop or freestanding stainless-steel water purification systems that also act as water coolers. These are not your average water purification systems, though. In addition to multiple filters, it also features ultra violet light systems to sanitize and reduce bacterial growth.

No one wants drinking water that smells funny. Most of these funny smells (like rotten eggs) occur in rural areas where the water may come from a source that is unknown or has possible contaminants. Iron and sulfur are typical causes of these smells. Installing one of our iron and sulfur treatments systems can help reduce these smells and filter your water for other contaminants, which are unsafe to drink. CoolerSmart has a system with Firewall™ filtration that eliminates 99.9999% of bacteria found in tap water sources. Contact us to get a quote and find out if this system is right for you.

We love our residential customers, but did you know we also service businesses? Quite a few of our products end up in a commercial setting. We regularly install and service water coolers, water purification systems, and commercial coffee makers in Springfield, MO. One of our most popular systems is the JavaSmart brand. JavaSmart allows you to choose from a number of dispensers including Keurig and Bunn systems. Of course, you can buy those from the store with the petty cash fund, but a system from Aquasani comes with benefits. We’ll install and test it for you, and we’ll even supply the coffee. That way you never hear the dreaded, “we’re out of coffee” phrase. Pairing a commercial coffee maker with one of our soft water treatment systems, your morning coffee is transformed into a healthy beverage. Well, almost anyway. You can even get really fancy and try out one of our Flavia systems which come with pre-measured packets in many different flavors of coffee, tea, and hot chocolate. To get great-tasting coffee, and superior service call Aquasani in Springfield, MO at 417-881-4000, or use our Request a Quote form.